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Xyon's Journal
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Sunday, December 6th, 2009
10:16 pm
Last night Janine and I went to see Jack and the Beanstalk as an English pantomime (not to be confused with the silent guys in invisible boxes). It was pretty awesome. You should go see it. Now. Srsly.

And since I see that the last thing I wrote was that we had a date now... well, we don't. But, we might again soon!

Other stuff has been going on, and I keep thinking that I should write an update about it, but I've spent far too much time stressed over one thing, or another (or a combination of thereofs) that I never really get around to it. Sorry.

I do know that I started doing some upgrades to the old movie database project I did in 2005, 2006, and now 2009. Something I used to do was update it in my system, then run a script that pushed those ratings to Netflix. This week I integrated it with Netflix API to do it all by magic. I'm hoping that Janine will help me redo some of the site layout before I get bored with it again.
Sunday, October 25th, 2009
7:25 pm
Forgot two things
1) Janine and I finally have a date. Though since I didn't get as excited about this as she did I think I'm in trouble. (In my defense, she didn't present it very well; and I was already in a bad mood at work)

2) These past two posts were made on my desktop in my office, since I can get to the keyboard again :) Got annoyed with the tearing and slow transparency framerates I've been having in X with the onboard ATI card from the new motherboard, so I ordered a cheapo Nvidia (before the motherboard changed it had an AGP Nvidia card, so I'm trying to get it back to how it was happy). Sad that the cheapo Nvidia is probably the best video card I'll have ever owned; and I remember in college pre-ordering a GeForce 4 (indicating that at one point in time I spent real money on video cards).
7:08 pm
It's been a while...
Lots of things have happened, actually; but I've been too busy to write about any of it. Let's see how much of the month I can remember.

The first thing that I remember I was going to write about was that I had to get new tires for my car. While doing that I found out how complicated it can get. Basically it all boiled down to Derek held my hand and walked me through everything while I tried to figure out why there are so many options; eventually ended up buying Continental ExtremeContact DWS from Discount Tire. They price-matched against Tire Rack (+ shipping), which pleased me; especially after the Tire Rack price increased :) I was amazed at how much of a differnce the new tires made; glad I got them before rain started again (rather than waiting until mid-November when my tires would have been in "replace me now or you'll probably die" mode.

servalan and I started looking at houses, to see if there's anything worth buying. Her back was already giving her trouble, and getting in and out of the car a lot made it really unhappy. Enough that she went back to the doctor, who ordered an MRI procedure, after which Janine was ordered to stay at home as immobile as possible for (a total of) 2 weeks. I had been staying with her so that someone was there to help when she woke up at 5am when the Vicodin had worn off and was in miserable pain; but when the order became 2 weeks I let myself be a wimp and accept the offer of her parents to come up and take my place so I could do novel things like sleep and go to work. She's back to the level of pain that she was before we started looking at houses, and we've even resumed the search without further incident; hopefully her return to work tomorrow is without incident.

My ankle started bothering me again again (first flared back up in Vegas (~2 May 2009), keeps going back to "doesn't hurt", and then back to "hurts"), so I finally called to make a PT appointment again. While chatting with my PT I found out she used to work where Janine is going now for her back. Weird :)

Got a filing cabinet for dealing with all the paper in my office; took about 3 hours to process all of the paper stuff, and it's mostly full, and mostly due to all of the EOB statements I have. Maybe I should just shred/recyce all of those...
Friday, October 2nd, 2009
4:36 pm
Surgery went well.
Well, I can see the computer well enough... things are a bit bright and halo-y, but that'll calm down as the swelling reduces. In fact, I woke up after the mandatory sleep-it-off seeing almost as well as when I went in, with the bonus of the drop-shadow that I was seeing from my right eye is already gone.

So, yeah, this time it should be better.

Would have said so last night, but my laptop hard drive decided it was done playing. Not sure I can do anything about it, it sounds like the drive motor has failed. I mean, yeah, if I -really- cared I could try to find an identical drive, go to a clean room, and swap out the platters... but I doubt I have that skill :)
Friday, September 25th, 2009
10:14 am
Engagement photos preview
Last night at dinner I said "engagement pictures" and mge looked at me like I was crazy. Then he admitted (fairly) that he got bored in the day-to-day ramble post and stopped reading it.

Result: If you didn't read that post (or far enough down), you can see the preview of engagement pictures, too.
Thursday, September 17th, 2009
11:20 pm
So I met with the eye surgeon yesterday, I'm slated to go back under the LASER on October 1st.
11:18 pm
The California trip
Since servalan hasn't written anything yet (or, for that matter, lately), I guess it once again falls to me to chronicle things; and so I should do it before it's too far gone.

Ramble-OnCollapse )

Also notable: We've cleared 6 months of exclusive dating. Yeah, feel free to have your "whoa, I forgot you haven't been together all that long" moment... it feels long enough to us :)
Monday, September 14th, 2009
4:54 pm
Back from Cali
servalan and I have returned from our 8-day trip to SoCal.

* We didn't kill each other.
* 2 locations moved from "potential site to investigate" to "place under consideration", giving us a grand total of 2 places to decide between.
* I got sunburned.
* She got sunburned.

Probably will manage a real post later...
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
9:39 am
Not the power supply
Since it's one of the handy kinds with a light and a fan, I just jumped ground and power-on, and it spun up nicely.

Since the same behavior was present when the power button was unplugged I think that the motherboard has to take the blame here. It could be that the CPU fan reporting mechanism is broken, but they don't really give good diagnostics in those situations.

Since this was "reasonable" equipment in 2004, looks like I need a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM; as all of those have changed dramatically since then.
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
11:24 pm
Power Loss = Fail
So I happened to notice today that my phone claimed that it wasn't able to sync mail from home since 1:30pm. Though when I'm at work it often fails to sync since it uses wireless at work and it blocks outgoing non-proxy connections, and won't proxy IMAP. But it didn't sync when I was away from work for 2 hours (on a 1 hour sync), even when forced. Okay, now I'm thinking that my IP changed and my dynamic DNS hasn't propagated yet. No worries.

When I get home I notice the stove clock blinking. I walk back down to my laptop, and notice that the tuner is on standby, which is a pretty good visual indicator that I lost power.

> ping marduk (my desktop machine, the only exposed SSH)
[times out]
> ping girru (mail)
[times out]
> ping ninatta (HTPC, I can see the power light on it from here, making sure network is working)
> ping nisaba (RAID)
[times out]
> ping nabu (HTTP)

So clearly I lost power long enough for the UPS upstairs and the UPS in the garage to fail, and for some reason only 2 out of the 5 machines on a UPS came back (HTPC isn't protected, I didn't bother pinging NAT/DNS, since it was obviously working).

> press soft power on girru
[lights light, it makes noise]
> press soft power on nisaba
[lights light, it makes noise, shake it a little, it makes less (now the correct amount) of noise]
> go upstairs, press soft power on marduk
> press soft power on marduk
> toggle hard power on marduk
> turn off hard power on marduk, let capacitors drain, turn on hard power on marduk
[power comes on for 0.1 seconds, turns off again]
> unplug all power connectors internally, try again (a few times)
[max powered on state was 0.5 seconds, average 0.1]
> swap out power supply
[nothing, but who knows if that PSU is any good or not]
> put old power supply back
[0.1 seconds again]
> unplug front panel connections one by one while toggling hard power
> consider marduk to be dead, walk downstairs to look at pending "ping -t nisaba"
[still timing out]
> ping girru
[still timing out]
> hook up maintenance monitor on girru
[performing startup, albiet slowly]
> hook up maintenance monitor on nisaba
[it's angry I haven't run fsck in 288 days, slowly doing a fsck on the RAID array]
> get mad at girru, Ctrl+Alt+Del
[going so slowly that after 18 seconds of "shutting down lo0" I...]
> hit hard reboot on girru
[boots at normal speed, loads RAID0, sees that the mirror is inconsistent, starts rebuilding, proceeds to boot slowly]
> write LJ post
[and be sad]

At some point I should figure out what's dead on marduk. Sadly, I was about to move some of its components to a new computer, guess I have to buy more parts than I thought.
Friday, August 21st, 2009
11:21 pm
Early in this process Janine decided that she was going to hire a wedding planner, and I found myself being skeptical. I just never really understood the services that they provide, et cetera. But, since Janine is the one doing the planning (since she's the one with, you know, opinions that she actually cares about) I'm taking the "whatever you want, dear" approach.

She came up with her pre-screened favourite and negotiated a meeting during the time that we'll be down in that area, and then it turned out that she was featured in a couple episodes of some show mostly about weddings.

After watching both episodes, and seeing her compared against 2 other planners (okay, one planner and one planning team of 2 planners, 2 consultants, and 6? assistants), I have to say that she seems like a nice asset, and certainly a leader in her field... at least when it comes to metrics that Janine and I care about.

Of course, we're still meeting with her when we go out of town to determine that she doesn't just have a good TV personality.

So we still have a few things to work out (ceremony location, date, reception location, times, actual guest lists, honeymoon, departure time, ... okay, pretty much everything), but we're getting closer, at having almost one thing done (aside from each of us doing what we think was a pretty good job at picking a future spouse... every time she seems to think I have a real opinion about wedding stuff I remind her that all I care about is who my bride is, but she seems to not believe me :P).

And this entry of no real informational value has nicely occupied the time that I needed to occupy, so now back to your regularly scheduled whatever.

Going out of town again tomorrow (Portland, again), seems like I do that a lot lately.
Monday, August 10th, 2009
12:52 am
I can't believe she lost the ring already...
Yep, Janine lost the ring. Just look at her hand, it's not there, see!

Or, rather, it got taken back to its birthplace today so that it could be stretched out a quarter size... so if you happen to not know your ring size perhaps you should be aware that you have a summer size and a winter size, and if the number that makes it to your pre-fiance is the winter size you might need to get it stretched in the summer.
Sunday, August 9th, 2009
12:01 am
Metrics suck.
I guess I need to start off by saying that even after what I'm about to rant about I'm still in the top 3 (of ~25); though it did knock me out of first. I'm mainly complaining about it in the general case, but using this specific instance for the focus of the rant.

Okay, so right now the thing to track is "old bugs". If it's old (I think they're trying to get to a place where 14 days is "old") it should be fixed or won't fixed, but not held on to.

I happened to notice today that one PM assigned a bug to me that she sat on for 20 days, it was opened over a month ago. Another PM assigned me two bugs that he sat on for a week. I sent them to him with "there's no way I'm ever going to fix this" with my reasons why, and he sent them back with "[another PM] told me this isn't true, can you look again?".

But, yeah, 2 PMs were lazy and they just smacked me with 6 weeks of bug age. Of course, if it were any other metric I'd be annoyed they assigned them to me for that reason. I'm probably primarily annoyed at the bugs I'm getting just because I hit 0 bugs, and the PM thinks that I can fix it faster than the actual feature owner. But, guess what, I hit 0, I'm mostly checked out for the rest of this product cycle.
Thursday, August 6th, 2009
2:11 pm
Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy
What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?
A carnival mask of a fox.
Monday, August 3rd, 2009
3:55 pm
Update for the sake of updating
It's been a while, so I should say some words.

Let's see. My parents came out to meet servalan. They each seemed to get along with the other, yay. And Janine's parents also came out for a weekend and her parents met my parents, and presumably everyone got along with everyone else (measure of success: everyone was talking with everyone else). So, got that taken care of.

There's a lot of frustration during that week, mainly due to redoing my deck. It took 5 trips to Home Depot, one catch-and-release by Snohomish County Sheriff's department, borrowing angel_grrl's van (twice), 3 trips to Lowe's, buying colored stain when I wanted clear (the label said "CLEAR SOLUTION" much bigger than the name of the color, and I was in a rush), some drama with my car's 30,000 mile maintenance (which is why I was in a rush), and the cat getting out. All that while trying to ensure that my fiancee and my parents were spending time with each other and getting along, or at least making informed decisions to not get along. That's the condensed version :)

My parents left, then I got a few hours of just Janine-and-I time, then she left with her parents to go to California for a week. This happened to be the week of the Seattle heat wave; so while I'm blaming the heat on why I didn't sleep more than 5 hours per night that week it could also have been due to my schedule feeling out of whack from not spending time with her. Subjective time she was gone: 3 days. Actual time she was gone: 6 days. Turns out sleeping half as much as you should (average per night was probably close to 3.5 hours) makes time not pass correctly. Still haven't recovered, though... but got up to a whole 6 last night!

And right now Janine's getting lots of bonus points in my book (though I haven't explicitly told her this until right here) because she's Dealing with the wedding planning. It deserves a capital-D. She wanted me to give opinions on stuff that she had put down as candidates and looking at all the awful websites of locations and such made me terribly annoyed, and I had the slimmed down form. There's all the other stuff of planning going on, too, that I don't feel like enumerating... but I can say that if it were up to me there'd be very little "wedding", because planning it is way too much work.

Sign the paper, throw a party, take the money and go out of town. No planner, no photographer, no locations, no flowers, no caterer, no worries! So, yeah, gratz Janine :)
Monday, July 6th, 2009
12:01 am
If it's funny in IM then it'll be funnier on LJ
(okay, not really, but doing it anyways...)

Turned 25.5 today. In other news, happy birthday stardrop (Maybe you'll decide to make an update and let your people know how the move went and settling into post-move is going?).
Saturday, July 4th, 2009
10:22 am
Lack of updating
There are two big, conflicting reasons for not updating.

1) Nothing to write about
2) Too tired to write about it

The past few weeks have definitely been (2). So here's a quick version before I go mow the back lawn before it gets too hot do to so (at which point I'll flee to tekman's for A/C and general holiday mirth and merriment).

Two weeks ago we set the record for most successive days apart since we started seriously dating - 4. It was planned for 6, but that was hard, so we forced some time into what was actually both of our busiest day of the week. (Looks like today'll tie that, sadness). The time apart was due to her usually busy schedule being interfered with by a 3.5 day trip to northern California; my logical assessment was that she should move normal weekend stuff to the week, and I'd use that same time to get ahead on work so a 4 day weekend wouldn't throw off my schedule. But, yeah, caved on Wednesday.

Last Friday we flew down to SJC for her 10 year high school reunion. While she was out with her mom getting her nails done, her dad took me to see a California Fry's. Turns out that Cali Fry's's have themes... Mayan Fry's was pretty, more so than Renton's uh... Steel and Concrete Fry's. Then, on a whim, decided to stop in at the NorCal Microsoft office, since my boss suggested I do so while I was down there (in case that ends up being someplace Janine drags me off to). After the security guard and I got confused at each other for a few minutes I gave up, then had an interesting mail on Monday asking why I was trying to enter a datacenter building. Oops.

Yeah, the reunion. There were no nametags, it was weird. So people only talked to the people whose names they could remember after 10 years. We stayed for a whole hour and then left to start seeing Janine's normal NorCal friends.

First friend was nice and calm. We got to the location of the second, found out that she was behind schedule, and dropped into waiting mode. Third friend arrives and turns the whole affair into mega-huge-stress for me, just personality conflicts. But at one point I whispered to Janine "I'd rather be working... for ADFS". Oh, then it turned out that was Pride weekend in San Francisco, so there was location drama as things got remapped at the last minute. Once we found a place (ummm, some pool hall on First?), and I got a double drink in me, things calmed down a bit. I even started having a good time.

Sunday: Got a late start on the plans for the day to see a few assorted Janine-friends. Had lunch with the person behind the Google Tetris/D-Day thing, who until recently worked on their product that my product competes with, amusement was to be had by both of us at our respective companies' "anybody but " attitudes. Next, Janine, her parents, and I went to see her grandfather. This part went perfectly well. Played Aggravation, which wasn't really anything like the one listed at Pagat. Then off to dinner with "first friend" (and her husband, who was traveling back to home when we had gone out the night before). Though there was a holdup on their end, so cue the first 30 minutes of "just us" time since we landed. Dinner was fine, then 'early' return.

Monday: Wedding location scouting, stress. Not going into detail. And, of course, the flight home. (At the airport is where I got the email from the datacenter manager, I'd been expecting it all day... well, an email, didn't know I was at a datacenter until I got the mail).

Tuesday: Met pat_trick, had a good fish sandwich. (Sorry Patrick, you don't get details because I'm getting tired of writing :P).

And there you have it, not as short as I intended, but, hey, I can cut the grass tomorrow. De-impacted the sprinkler heads in the front last night after cutting those yards, and turned the timer system back on. Got away without it last year, but this year it's trying to go dormant-brown again.
Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
8:58 am
Woo, shiny present
servalan had decided that she needed some mark of possession upon my person similar to my (still temporary) ring on her finger. Since she hadn't ever seen me wear jewelery/accessories/whatever of any kind she brought it up a little while back, and I concluded that a watch was probably the best thing.

So we went out to get an idea of what I thought characteristics of good watches were, and I became completely enamoured with a Citizen Skyhawk because it had more gauges and arms than an airplane cockpit. Of course, precisely because of the reasons I liked it, there was a feeling of it not necessarily working were I to be dressed up, so I was sad (well, not sad sad, but "sad", in the sense of.... gah, if you don't know how I use that word it's not worth explaining).

Last night my darling Janine gave me my present. She incorporated everything I said about other watches and finally decided upon a present with a 115 page instruction manual (done 2-up in PDF, but page numbers are still visible). Amazon, being Amazon, has some pictures (and minor details).

Oh, I don't know from here (watch is downstairs, cat was trying to attack it) what the exact model numbers are, I just found the first thing that looked right on each site. Also, it turns out that the Skyhawk is somewhat intended for pilots. The slide rule that I've started learning to operate is mostly useful for airplane-y stuff... but I totally know how to do square roots now :). (And yes, if you got this far without clicking links, she got me a Skyhawk)
Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
9:13 am
A bit mean? Maybe
At lunch yesterday coworker M was talking about a run he had participated in, where he got 55/???. Coworker R, who is new (and I don't necessarily get along with), said "That is epic."

I had the thought of "no, it isn't", and then coworker C actually said something about it. Then we (me, C, B, and D) spent 5-10 minutes along the lines of "and we all know about the cut opener explaining how Odysseus ran in a crowd from Marathon to Athens and was the 55th person to arrive". Including talking over R to do so.

Of course, then we decided that a -real- challenge is a triathlon consisting of:
* Hot dog eating contest.
* A run of some non-trivial length.
* A pie eating contest.

And declared that in order to be eligible for winning your mass had to be at least as high as when you started (because, clearly, you're going to void your stomach of the hot dogs about 50 steps in to the run).

Which indicates that we can just latch on to silly things with no problem, and might not necessarily be "mean".
Sunday, May 31st, 2009
11:39 pm
Obligatory update
Hmm. How to express things minimally.

Met my girlfriend's parents Saturday morning at around 10:30a. After spending the day with them we had a talk at around 7pm. My fiancée's parents are flying back home tomorrow.

Janine summarized it from her perspective.

Long?Collapse )

So, yeah, we're engaged. Best advice I received was "when it's right you just know". And there's always "making the decision to marry will be the easiest decision you will ever have to make", to which I have to add "; deciding when and how will feel like the hardest". Of course I get another try once the ring's ready.
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