Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Color vision tests

So after looking for some online color vision tests I decided that I could put some of the images here and let you all make fun of my colorblind right eye.

The test I like the most:
Color vision test wheel
Normal should see a 5. Color blind should see a 2.
I see 2 with my right eye. 5 with my left eye. 8 with both (it's the 2 and the 5 overlayed)

Color vision test series

4 Sex-Linked Traits:

 1. Normal Color Vision:
 A: 29,  B: 45,  C: --,  D: 26

 2. Red-Green Color-Blind:
 A: 70,  B: --,  C: 5,  D: --

 3. Red Color-blind:
 A: 70,  B: --,  C: 5,  D: 6

 4. Green Color-Blind:
 A: 70,  B: --,  C: 5,  D: 2

I see: Left eye "Normal Color Vision", Right eye 19, 45, 5, 26. I can make it be 79, 70, 10, or 29 (on A) by thinking about it, but the immediate response is 19.

Both eyes: 29 initial, floats between 29 and 79. 45, 5, 26

See? I'm just naturally screwed up.
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