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I've decided on the following formula:

amount_I_care(day) = k * (last_day_of_classes - day)

Where k is really small (maybe on order of 10 -9).

Unfortunately, the amount I care isn't all that plays into things.

amount_I_need_to_care_to_be_motivated_to_do_work(day) = k2 * P(not having a job by graduation | day)

Assume k2 >= 1.
(side note, today has an interesting date if you write your date the Right Way (ddmmyyyy)).
amount_I_care(20042004) = 10 -9 * (21052004 - 20042004) = 10 -9 * 31.
amount_I_need_to_care...(20042004) = k2 * 0.9

Since 10 -9 < 0.9, I don't really have the motivation to do anything.

Why bother trying if I'm just going to graduate into unemployment[1]?

This REALLY sucks.

1. I could always get a job at a McDonald's or something, but that doesn't count. By unemployment I mean not employed in a field where my $120,000[2] degree in Computer Science / Discrete Mathematics is put to use.

2. I probably have $80,000 to $100,000 of that in student loans[3].

3. Does anyone know if those are, in general, shifted to nearest of kin in the event of death?
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