Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Since the pain isn't totally gone my doctor called in a prescription for some tougher stuff.

Apperantly I'm supposed to take 6 of these pills now "all six (6) tablets in the row labeled 1st day should be taken the day you receive your prescription, even though you may not receive it until late in the day. All six (6) tablets may be taken immediately..." this is counterintuitive, since the thing has time of day for when to take each pill.

Under side effects for methylprednisolone is listed "increased hair growth". For those of you that know me, you know that this could be a desired side effect, especially if it means only hair on the head.

And recalling my prior post on anti-depressants, here's an exerpt from the Naproxen data sheet:

Continue to take naproxen and talk to your doctor if you experience

* ...
* ...
* depression;
* ...
* ...
* ...

Does it count if you're depressed before you take it?
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