Xyon (xyon) wrote,

My Weekend

This weekend has been, on the whole, horrible.

My right wrist has been hurting for the past couple of weeks. It's not carpal tunnel (that is a loss of feeling due to a pinched nerve), it's pain in a tendon? on the top (bend your wrist so that your hand is upward and feel your wrist inline with your index finger). The one on the right feels different to the touch to me. I ace-bandage wrap it, mom asks why, gets me a doctor's appointment. Doctor thinks it's a cist, sends me for x-rays...should have the results tomorrow.

Went to my favourite restaurant in New Albany which is a family owned Mexican restaurant. I had to get put on a waiting list to get a seat. This restaurant is getting rediculously popular.

Woke up really late. Right before going to bed was reminded that DST started soon.

Woke up early, since I had to get on an airplane.
Got to the airport with a travel itenerary that shows I'm flying US Air. I had tried to do an e-checkin, but it came up with an error since it was a partnership flight. Six minutes in line for US Air ticketing, then they tell me I need to go to the United line. I'm third back in the line.... it took at least half an hour.

The plane on which I'm supposed to fly arrives 20 minutes late. We depart the gate 35 minutes late, and sit on the runway for 12-20 minutes. Land in Chicago, run through the airport, and get to the gate when the sign says "1 Minute left for boarding". The flight was overbooked, they actually had to bring the jetway back and put one person off the plane (they issued two boarding passes for seat 17D, apperantly). Lucky for me it was not I.

Land in Seattle, my suitcase is the first one on the baggage claim belt (probably since my connecting flight was so behind). Go to Thrify to get my rental car. "I'm sorry, sir, but I can't give you the car since you're under 21." Place a call to Expedia Corporate Travel, give them my itinerary ID. "I'm sorry, sir, but we have no record of you having a rental car reservation on this itinerary". Give him the Thrify conformation number, and after half an hour of talking to him, an hour of being on hold, and half an hour waiting for him to call me back, he says "Unfortunately, the only thing I can say is to take a taxi to the hotel and get a receipt to get reimbursed."

Luck of luck, tekman decided to drive the 30 miles to come pick me up.

When I wake up I call my recruiter to see what I should do to get to Expedia for my interview. After she doesn't respond to my voice mail I call Marques, who is kind enough to leave Expedia, come get me, and go back to Expedia.

I think my technical interviews went reasonably well (there was one that was kinda iffy). I think that Phil's new boss didn't like me very much (I don't think he disliked me, but I don't think he liked me, either).

When I get to talk to someone from HR I find that the recruiter I had been working with had called in sick today. The HR person to which I spoke today said that he would try to get the car thing straightened out, but since it was 5:30pm there wasn't much that he could do today.

tekman decides that it's rediculous to be in the hotel again with no transportation and needing to check out at noon, so I'm his houseguest a day early.

In general:
There are things that have nothing to do with this weekend that I want to write, but I can't. I won't answer what or why, but if you think you know and you talk to me in person I might (dis)affirm your beliefs.

I hope I get this job.
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