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So with graduation a mere few weeks away a certain line of thinking has become slightly more prevalent:

Most of the stable marriages of which I know originated in high school or in college. I know of many bad marriages that have arisen from bars/clubs/parties/whatever, and it's one of those things (sayings at the very least) that you should never date a co-worker.

Postulate: All stable marriages originate in a secondary or postsecondary educational facility.

So the two parallel thoughts that I keep having are 1) I'm doomed to be essentially single (in that any relationship will utterly be doomed to failure due to the afformentioned postulate; and 2) Knowing damn good and well that the postulate is false, where do people (that end up getting in a stable relationship) meet?

As I think about the emminent goodbyes at the end of the academic year I realize that there are maybe a dozen or so people that I'll miss, and realize that I've never been good at the whole meeting people thing.
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