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So, in November my former boss got his boss' approval to hire me come 1 Mar. Between then and 1 Mar my former boss' boss changed groups. The new boss wants to interview me before he approves me for one of the two dev positions they have open. Something about 'want to make sure that they aren't going to hire someone that will quit in 6 months' (not that I can think of *anyone* that I know that did that within the past year).

So it looks like I'm flying back out to Seattle over Spring Break.

Yay for Seattle
Boo for interviews (I seem to do them badly)
Yay for maybe having a job.
Super Yay for maybe having a job that entails living near Seattle (and isn't testing).

::crosses fingers and chants:: I _will_ get this job, I _will_ get this job...
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