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I miss Seattle, again, already. I was surprised at my ability to still navigate the area, including to one or two places that I had never driven to before (had ridden, so I knew about where they were).

It was enjoyable; Ryan didn't win any of the games of Settlers that we played, and I beat him on a few races in Double Dash, as well as every round of Smash Brothers we played.

Anthony's was still quite good, with the exception of our waiter not being the best I've had there (not the worst, either); and The Met was good, but I don't think that I'll ever get the Bone in Filet ever again. Someone commented to me that for $51 they should cut the bone off. Since the 'rarity' is cooking with the bone still there it seems that cutting it off would not be that bad, and it would restore the 'no extras' mentality that one typically has when ordering filet. (For those that have been to The Met, I'm paralleling it with the removing of the meat from the lobster tail shell)

Liked my rental car, too. The Alero didn't have a nav system or a sunroof (and it doesn't look like those are feasible options), but if it did it'd definately be one of my new car candidates. Of course, before I can seriously consider a new car I need a job.....
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