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There must be something about the middle of February...

... that makes one inclined to upgrade their computer.

on 13 February 2001 I placed the order for my current computer components:

800 MHz AMD Duron 192K Cache, 200MHz FSB.
756MB PC133 (SDR) SDRAM CAS Latency 3, Seek Time 7.5ns 1.05GB/s transfer rate
ABIT KT7a Motherboard. (no RAID, no extras)

and on 15 February 2004 I placed another order:

2.08GHz AMD Athon XP 2800+ 512K Cache, 333MHz FSB.
1GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM CAS Latency 2.5, Seek Time 5ns 3.25GB/s transfer rate
ABIT KV7 Motherboard, 2x SATA 150, RAID 0,1

Of course, last time I was updating from an AT form factor to an ATX form factor, so I -needed- a new power supply/chassis; and I got a DVD-ROM, CD-RW; video card; et cetera. I planned on doing so this time, too; so that I could have a second fully workable system...but I decided that the computer was what I was going to get with my tax refund....which was an order of magnitude less than I expected.

I'm spending less than my budgeted amount this time, so maybe after I get a job, and a residence, and maybe a new(er) car I'll get a nice new shiny system, and get some nearly obsolete components for my old system; or some moderately decent components for my soon-to-be-delivered upgrade and hand these over...

But I thought it strange that when I went to post the spec difference I found my old order and it was 3 years and two days old today.
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