Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Another bad beat for me

I get A3. Gossman bets 15 when blinds are 2 and 4, I call.
Flop: 3AA (I don't notice the 3s)
I'm first to act, I bet 15; Gossman calls.
Turn: K
At this point, I notice the 3's, bet 25; Gossman calls.
River: Don't remember, not a K.
I bet 50, Gossman raises to 200, I go all in; he calls.

The speech went something like "fulIl fuhackvieng the hnuoutse". That is I said "full fucking house" while he said "I have the nuts". Aces over 3s lost to Aces over Ks.

More Bad Beat Jackpot for me.
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