Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Weekend Update

Made a tiny bit of progress on the soda hardware replacement on Saturday.

Let's see.... what did we get done?
* Soldering of the PIC board was completed
* Attatching the PIC board to the relay board was completed
* The new Black Box was cut
* The assembly was put in the Black Box.
* iButton mounting plate was completed
* cabling was made for the iButton mounting plate <==> Black Box
* shady piece of paper stating "High Voltage, Please do not remove" was removed.
* iButton mounting plate was mounted
* the new Black Box was put in the machine
* a new cable was bought for PC <==> Black Box.
* iButton software was written
* I'm presently drinking the first can of Sprite to be bought via iButton (from our machine).

So for anyone who didn't follow that should have: the system is working now.
For anyone who doesn't know if they should have followed: probably not :)

This was far more interesting than my senior project; too bad I couldn't have done something like this instead.

Lessons learned: occasional hardware work can be fun.

In other news that I don't remember sharing: I get my double major without taking 5 classes from 'the list'. A 490 I took counts, so I just need sufficient credits now. That means no independent study in Partial Differential Equations for me.
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