Xyon (xyon) wrote,

O.R. makes my brain squishy

Two and a half hours for the first three of seven problems. I'd do some more, but I'm not entirely sure how at this point.

I like the material though.

<rant>When we first started looking at the Simplex Method we were always choosing the variable with the greatest reduced cost as the entering variable. From the moment I saw that I thought that you should use the variable with the greatest product of reduced cost and maximum stepsize. i.e. the most bang rather than the most bang per buck. If we used -my- way on #1 it'd be one step, not 7. ::mutter:: </rant>

Oh, random side scary note: I'm apperantly the only person enrolled in Intro to PDE's next quarter.... I don't know that I'm up for a 1:1 class. I need to find 19 random non-graduating friends who haven't taken it.
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