Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Bad Jordan, Bad!

Crossroads of Twilight, not so good, IMO. The book read just fine, it was yet another page-turner. So what was the problem, then? I heard once that Robert Jordan has problems with writing endings, and in this one he took it to the extreme. He could have resolved any of the issues that carried over from Winter's Heart, but didn't. He could have made it so that suspicion had arisen for the mystery that any dedicated reader looked right through (as the answer was pretty much already given in a prior book). Heck, even -false- suspicion would have been better. Instead, it's: oh, people are dying....this sucks, we need to find out why (end of issue). Had it been written: People are dying...and (person) left early and came back late every time...hmmm, maybe we should keep a better eye on them (end of issue); I would have been much, much happier.

And that thing at the end....did she complete it, or not?

I need resolution!
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