Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Poker Probabilities

Numbers herein come from the rec.gambling.poker FAQ (http://www.rgpfaq.com/ranking-why-general.html)

All 5 card hands of the same colour: 52 * 25 * 24 * 23 * 22 / 5! (first card is anything, next can only be same color, down to last card; order doesn't matter) = 131,560

Total number of straights: 10,200. Number of straights that use only two suits: 640 (40 straight flushes * 2^4)
Total number of flushes: 5,108
Since the number of straights does not include straight flushes (40) it doesn't need added back in.

131,560 - 5,108 - 640 = 125,812

At this point, one needs to subtract the two-suited pairs and two-pair hands, and it might just beat two pair (123,552)

Go ahead, criticize my numbers.
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