Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Score (of years) in Review

So, as it will soon (for reasonable definitions of soon) be the twentieth anniversary of my birth, I felt like I should do one of those silly 'what have I done with my life' things, and since I don't update much anyways a livejournal post seemed appropriate.

So here it is, the things I've done with the first twenty years of my life:

* Gotten a BS in CS/MA (okay, so this technically won't occur until after my 20th birthday, but within a half year it will)
* Made more per hour than my father for a 3 month period (granted, he was largely unemployed at the time, but his part time work paid less than my internship)
* Lived 2,500 miles from my parents for an extended period of time
* Driven 2,500 miles in a little over 60 hours
* Been declared to be married
* Had 4 girlfriends of a month or more (with definitions based upon the age at the time)
* Kissed 3 of them
* Graduated high school as a 'junior'
* Had a driver's license before starting college, despite popular belief
* Been admitted to a hospital at least 3 times that I can think of. Every time it was decided there was a problem, but no known medical solution.
* Spent over an hour trying to populate this point, coming up with only this point

Looks like I'm deficient, maybe defective.

Some things I've not done that are noteworthy: (that is, read all of these prefixed with "I have NOT...")
* Killed anyone, no matter how tempted I was
* Said 'I love you' (in a significant other manner/context) to anyone without meaning it
* Cheated on a girlfriend
* Decided that faith is above question
* Ever turned in anything not mine as my own, even when the person I worked on the lab with said he'd just put my name on the writeup

Okay, so with so small a list no wonder I don't like myself.

If anyone feels like contributing, I'll probably come back and make a new version on my birthday or something corney like that. And it has to be something that if you were doing this for yourself you'd put it on the list if it applied to you.
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