Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Theories on unemployment resolution

So, I now have two equally good theories on how to avoid unemployment on graduation:

1) Find a friend in Seattle willing to let me crash with them for a couple of months. Obtain a building pass, and work for Expedia for free until the end of the summer, when my NDA expires. Then negotiate for my job, and 3 months back pay. The downside is that's probably extortion, and would probably put me in prision unable to repay the friend for the generosity.

2) Commit some severe crime shortly after graduation, i.e. serial homocide. While in jail/prision during the trial I'll be clothed, fed, and housed. All I need to do is make them think me insane and they won't put me with other people (i.e. avoid gang-rape in the shower). Once the trial is over I'll likely get the death penalty, which would put an end to my unemployment. Of course, I'd have to do it in Washington, so I could at least live there until I died.

Neither's very good, but that's what I have. Improvements, alternate theories?
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