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Oddities about my life

I guess the foremost would be my propensity to throw off my sleep schedule whenever it nears normal... last night I went to bed at 4:30am because I was working on websoda and mplayer (aesthetic changes to mplayer, not functional).

The larger one, though, concerns my future. 24 hours ago grad school wasn't a bad idea. Went to the grad school fair yesterday, and after the general Q&A session I didn't go talk to any of the represented schools, because 1) I don't have any idea under what I would specialize, and 2) I didn't really have any interest in any of those schools. That begs the question, to what schools do I have an interest in? MIT is supposed to have the best grad school around, but I don't think I want the east coast. Really there isn't any school that piques my interest...I'm really almost tired of academia. I especially don't want to spend the next few years of my life writing research papers and critiquing others' research papers; so maybe today I am almost adamently opposed to grad school...

I still want my job at Expedia, and to move back out into the PNW.
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