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So somehow reseating everything in my desktop twice seemed to make it like booting again. If it keeps acting up, I'm going to end up needing to buy a replacement sooner than I'd like.

Saw some posts from Auss today. I really miss her, anytime that she comes to mind (which is usually on average once per waking hour from some tangental thought or another) I feel like my current life has a gaping hole in it, and that it wouldn't be there if I knew why she decided to shut me out of her life... though the same was done from Jennifer and/or Brian...I just wasn't as close to them.

I'm tired of doing homework. I'm tired of Indiana. I'm tired of not being told whether or not I have a job offer. I'm tired of losing friends and not knowing why. I'm tired of my desktop being screwey. I'm tired of the crap that they make you do in senior project, since at least at Expedia the devs don't do that type of stuff.

It feels like I'm sitting at a train crossing on the road of life, and the end of this train is nowhere in sight.

I need some companionship...a nice, sweet girl with whom I can talk about my random geeky things and she doesn't mind and/or is interested in them. Someone like Katie would be nice, but I know that isn't going to happen.

Maybe next quarter will be better, I'll actually have a CS course. But I'm already ready for this one to be over.

I was told that the Game Stop would have Settlers of Catan in tomorrow, they better.

Off to bed now, have to be up for an 8:05 class yet again on the morrow.
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