Xyon (xyon) wrote,

A three second mistake last night followed by a three second mistake this morning caused an hour or so to be wasted compiling. I forgot to apply a patch to glibc before compiling, so that resulted in segmentation faults. Instead of going back and looking, I wiped out all of the compiler output to start over...only then did I notice that I forgot to apply the second patch, which fixes the segmentation fault problem. Yay for not following directions.

Classes started yesterday, which is a mixed blessing. On the good side, it means there are approximately 119 class-days remaining before graduation. On the bad side, it means that I have homework and such again.

I was hoping to have my desktop Linux-From-Scratched by tonight so I could play some Diablo II on it this weekend, but the above mentioned problem as well as some hardware issues make it seem like that is not going to happen.

Pri Master: Seagate Baraccuda IV 80GB
Sec Master: DVD-ROM
Sec Slave: Plextor CD-RW

that configuration (usually) boots.

Pri Master: Seagate 80GB
Pri Slave: Maxtor 4GB
Sec Master: DVD-ROM
Sec Slave: CD-RW

it will either see Nothing on pri-slave, or something like Mextor, or M)xt%r, etc. Same if the secondaries are unhooked.

Pri Mas: Maxtor 4GB
Pri Sl: Seagate 80GB

that does random stuff, from detecting both fine, but not being able to boot off of either to detecting neither, to detecting one or both incorrectly, or one not at all (usually the one at the end of the IDE cable)

Pri Mas: Seagate 80GB
Sec Sl: Maxtor 4GB (I don't have enough jumpers to make both masters, isn't that sad?)

Finds nothing at all, and takes a long time to do it.

So as long as it holds out in this configuration I can wait until Christmastime to get my new computer, which will be AMD-64. Maybe I'll put Windows on this one after I get a new primary desktop.

Well, I suppose that I should get stuff together for classes today. Look at glibc go (too bad there's nothing in the makefiles to tell how far along a compile is... every now and then scroll a percentage complete or something)
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