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what the FUCK?

In my inbox today:

Hello <Name withheld from those who don't know it>!

This email is to inform you that your Financial Aid Award has been revised for the Academic Year 2003-2004. You can view this revision...

Thank you!


Seems normal enough? Well, if you went to Rose you know how much it costs to go there... if not, tuition is in the neighborhood of $24,000, that's tuition...meaning not books, housing, food, et cetera.

With this in mind, my previous financial aid package was (ballpark) $17,000...including a Stafford loan and Work Opportunity. I log in, check what it says....make sure I'm looking at the right page... check one more time for assurance's sake...and here's an exerpt:

"Total $3,100.00"

For those of you who are mathematically challenged.. $17,000 - $3,100 = $13,900 ~ $14,000. Which is a freaking lot of money to have snatched away for no apperant reason.

If the $3,100 is accurate (i.e. I lost $14,000 in financial aid) then I'm going to have to drop out or something, because while another $12,000 in loans is doable, $30,000 is not.

And by or something I mean unenroll, rob a bank[1], rob multiple banks[2], take a celebrity's kid hostage[3]...you know, something.

1. - Out of the question, that takes talent, determination, skill, guns, bravery....lots of things I don't have.
2. - See 1.
3. - That would require knowing and/or having access to a celebrity...and see 1.

And now back to your regularly scheduled whatevering.
If the language in the title offends you, I apologize, but not too much.
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