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so New Albany was on TV again... last month some New Albanian was on the History Channel as an expert on lawn mowers, chain saws, et cetera (History of the garage or something like that). Tonight it was on an episode of The New Detectives on Discovery...apperantly there was a pretty nasty murder in NA in 1991 or so, where the killer was convicted off of a few brain cells and a blood spatter, and the exumed corpse of the suspected deceased's father (for DNA matching). So yesterday Bellevue was on it, today New Albany was on it... interestingly enough, both had the current police cars (I think New Albany only changed theirs to the "American Flag" style a couple of years ago...though maybe a New Albanian friend can confirm that). Anyways, I found it weird.

So I had a performance review today...I was told by my manager that he had to nitpick so as to not turn in a glowing review...which I'm actually glad of, I don't want HR classifying me as "too good to be true" and not extending me a full offer. Though he did say that unless I do something really bad in the duration of my stay that I will be requested back by my team...but the actual offer has to come from HR and is a function of the team size next year as well as other things. As for taking an offer if it is extended? Probably. Though being able to get an offer from somewhere else would be good, for salary negotiation purposes. But as it was pointed out, I may get through college and into the workforce with only one interview...that would be quite impressive, I think.

I really wish I could find my walmart receipt, so I could take back the shorts that don't fit and the clock that doesn't work...
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