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Stupid Computer Viruses

So, for Computer Security we have to find a virus, catch it, dissect it, and modify it. We also have to turn in our dissection report, and an antivirus for it. The first one we found was a variant of the BubbleBoy virus, which can be activated through the preview pane of Outlook Express. It was rather strange and cryptic, and we could barely pull off dissection, and had no clue how to modify it.

The second virus we found was called "I-Worm.Imelda.B", or the B variant of the Imelda worm....except that it's not a worm, it's a virus (it requires another program to propogate, thus it's a virus). We performed a quick common dissection and then split off into three groups: full dissection, modification, antivirus. During the modification (what I'm working on with George) we ran across several errors in the virus, including the fact that it's largest payload that it was supposed to deliver doesn't even work.

Seriously now. What kind of lame punk modifies a virus (or maybe the original Imelda was a worm) and when (s)he's finished it doesn't even work? "Oooh, look at me, I wrote a virus, I'm a 733t h4x0r!" Or however they write that stupid message. So we fixed most of it (except the large payload, we're kinda stumped on why it doesn't work), and in the processes were pleased to discover that Office XP at least gives a warning that the virus is crawling back out through Outlook.

5 days until Seattle!
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