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Life: The Good, and The Bad

So, this quarter has been basically like any other quarter...with the exception that I'm developing an advanced case of senioritis.

Flourescent lighting sucks, so I bought two halogen torchieres (big floor lamps). But we're not allowed to have Halogen lighting here, so either they're not halogen, or they're not here. Right now they're sitting about three feet apart, which is a waste, because we never have both of them on. They're also in the way of the dresser.

Racquetball is still fun, but painful. Hurt my hip, and pulled an abdominal muscle.

I went to BSB for the first time this year, stopped by Pam's room. I got there, the phone rang, so I waited. Her call (with her mom) lasted at least 30 minutes, and according to Pam, her mom spent most of the time saying "You need to go to bed if you're getting sick. You need to go eat dinner." To which she would reply "As soon as I get off the phone I'm going to go eat, then go to bed". But moms are just strange that way. We chatted for a while, she met Travis, and then she went to get dinner and then go to bed, since she is kinda sick.

Trying to put KDE 3.1 on the CS machines...Qt and KDE-Arts are not getting along. All I want is an updated version of knode, and the CS Linux machines to not have their X crash because KDE3 can't read KDE2 profiles.

Put OpenOffice 1.0.2 on the CS machines, hopefully it continues working well. I'd probably rather have put StarOffice 6.0 on, but Sun won't let me download it, so I'll use the Open alternative.

Travis has been up here since Wednesday, he's actually behaving himself quite well, I'm impressed.

A couple of days ago I was missing a friend, so I gave them a call, got voicemail. Gave them a call again the next day on the landline rather than the cell, got the answering machine. No call back yet. Either they're too busy to talk, or they don't want to talk, but either way I've shown that the lack of communication isn't because I don't want to speak with them.

Thursday: 3:03PM PST. Call initiated: Expedia.com -> Me.
Thursday: 3:35PM PST. Phone screen interview over, no real technical questions asked.
Thursday: 4:33PM PST. Email from Expedia Tech. Recruited -> Me "We're going to fly you out for an on-site interview"
Friday: 8:07AM PST. Email from Expedia Recruiting Coordinator -> Me "We're going to fly you out, when's a good time"
Friday: 10:43AM PST. Email from Expedia Recruiting Coordinator -> Me "Looks like your spring break week would be ideal."
Friday: 2:35PM PST. Call initiated: Expedia Recruiting Coordinator -> Me Purpose: Travel arrangements

Summary: I'm going to Seattle over spring break to interview with Expedia!!!! Yay! Flying out either the saturday or sunday of spring break, interview on monday, flying back tuesday. I hope that Washington state is as good as people from there say it is. But YAY, I HAVE AN INTERVIEW! Finally, no more McDonald's, and no more summer with the 'rents.
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