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Week in Review

Tuesday - 11 hours in the imaging lab, got AFS installed on the IRIX machines, and one machine doing interated logon (under very specific circumstances).

Wednesday - 12 hours in the imaging lab, transferred CS User Web onto a faster machine, comandeered the Ultra 5. Got one of the SGI O2's repaired, and the SGI Indy half-working.

Thursday - 3.5 hours in the imaging lab, got Solaris 9 installed on the Ultra 5. 7 hours in the CS120 final...Pam got so upset during it that she left (or was asked to leave to calm down), and the word through the grapevine is that she was crying in the bathroom...she got really stuck, but finished with a decent grade.

Thursday, cont - Went to a social gathering at Gossman's. It was small, 14 people total. I played DDR for the first time tonight...at one point someone decided to turn the pad 180 degrees around..at which point I decided I could join in. After kicking their butt (first time playing I guess it's easier to have up be down and left be right...) I decided to play some more, but without hurting my brain with the backwards coordinates. I was playing against someone and we were so into it at one point that we knocked CD's off the speakers...and then I played until my poor, normally unexercised self, had to take a break. If we were in the lower apartment I'd probably find it worthwhile to buy a PS/2 and DDR just so I could get some exercise...but I don't think that the RA (apartment below me) would appreciate it all that much...
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