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Done with finals!

Yay, I'm done with finals...Reals took me around an hour. I got at least 10 points wrong (not sure what the total was). I had the answer mostly right ("State the Bolzano-Weierstrauss Theorem"), then later I used a theorem and thought that it might have been B-W, so I changed my answer for that one to totally the wrong answer.

There was another one, too...I couldn't solve the algebra by hand for what value of N makes this true: (2 + 1/n)^2 = epsilon. Finally I gave up and picked sqrt(epsilon) + 1. If epsilon is greater than 5 then my N value causes f(n) < epsilon, so let's just throw out [0,5).

Spent 11 hours working yesterday in the imaging lab, we have them all running AFS, but not as the primary login method...so that's today's experiment (got AFS working within 2 hours, spent 9 hours working on the login problem).

And nothing happened Monday night...she fell asleep around 5, and woke up at midnight, and apologized to me for a good 5-10 minutes via AIM. Ah well, c'est la vie
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