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So, the quarter's over, which means certain restrictions don't apply any longer. She's coming over tomorrow night to watch Donnie Darko, which I still assert is one of the best movies ever made. It's not a date, just friends getting together to watch a movie, but because of the fact that I find her attractive doing so before the end of the quarter would have caused problems, and possibly resulted in my termination of employment. But now that those restrictions don't apply we can see where things go.

The question is how long do I let her be an Electrical Engineer before attempting to bring her into the light that is Computer Science? Ellis commented that when his girlfriend (also a EE) was talking to her CS120 teammates and one of them mentioned that they got something working and she responded with "Did you commit it (to CVS)?" his thought was "there is still hope".

Movie night last night....Fifth Element, Tron, and half of Pulp Fiction (at 2:15ish we called it quits) Depressing, though, George doesn't like Pulp Fiction, though we didn't make it as far as The Bonnie Situation....maybe we can force him to watch the second half...

5/9 done on my reals take home final (due 08:00 Wednesday), 0/4 done on my AI paper (due some time tuesday)....so back to doing acadmic work for me....
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