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Something stirred in me today, something that was blissfully stagnant for quite a while, but has all of a sudden awoken again. Something was asked of me, and I answered truthfully at the time, but after that introspection caused bad things.

I want the future so I can be the person I wanted to be in the past...

I want the past so I can be happy in the future...

I want to be where I am, but it not to be now....

But I also want to be in other places for various reasons.

I want to go somewhere and get set and know my role in life....

but I want to travel.

I want to know all of the secrets of the world....

but I also want to be able to discover new things.

I want to be popular...

but I don't want to be disliked because I'm popular.

I want more good friends, the kind that see you out somewhere and at least come up and say hi.

I want to go a few days without posting and people harass me about it because they care what I'm doing.

I want to get a job doing something I love without having to do something I hate.

I want to leave and miss someone, and have them miss me.

I want to know what to say to friends that I don't talk to anymore.

I just want to feel love, real love, even for only an instance.
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