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so, today I went through the following transitions....

12:30 am. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so I can park behind my dad and won't be blocking him in since he can't work on Christmas Eve.

11:30 am. Hmm, they moved my car, dad went to work, obviously -not- Christmas Eve.

3:00 pm. Given that I came to the conclusion that it's not Christmas Eve, it must be Dec. 22.

11:50 pm. Wait, it was the 23rd...that makes it Christmas Eve Eve...which means there is a party that I was invited to today....and it starts in....er, ends in 10 minutes.

So yeah, I had planned on attending, and even being social this year.....

ST: Nemesis = Plot set up, set up, set up, set up, action, set up, set up, roll credits. Pity, it was supposed to be a good movie based off the "every other ST movie is good" theory. Auss slept through the first set up, woke up for action, and then I think unsuccessfully tried going back to sleep. So maybe next time when it's choose between a repeat movie for one of the two of us we'll decide on renting something we've neither seen (or both seen and want to see again), it saves money, and let downs. Had she not seen it before she could have at least been as dissappointed as I was, but it was all as she expected.

Oh well, time to go curl up with a textbook. At the rate I'm going I'll finish Chapter 7 by the time break's over....I'd like to finish the book :). Yay for AI.
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