Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Random Thoughts

Between yesterday and today I talked to almost everyone on my buddy list. The few that I didn't were because they weren't there (or at least were marked as away). I have no clue what drove me to talk to all of them, since I didn't really have much to say. Maybe it's because I was feeling lonely not leaving the apartment...feeling that I should have some interaction with the rest of the world.

Bridge died today. The first time it died I just had to hit the reboot button and it woke back up. I figured that while I was paying it attention I'd run a software update on it, which wanted it to reboot again. So I re-rebooted it, and it didn't come back up. Went and drug its monitor out from the other room, and re-re-rebooted it. During the boot the monitor became full of vertical green lines. I hit reset again, and this time it didn't POST (Power On Self Test). Few more reset button presses, and a few power button presses later, I pulled it out from it's storage spot. I think that it had overheated which caused it to not POST, but I never figured out what it's initial problem was... here's an exerpt from the log:

Nov 10 23:16:26 bridge dhclient: No working leases in persistent database.
Nov 10 23:16:27 bridge dhclient: Sleeping.
Nov 18 09:24:55 bridge syslogd 1.4.1#10: restart.

And the dhclient sleep thing it does often when the third network card is not attatched to anything...it had slept 5 minutes before that, and 5 minutes before that...etc.

I think that I got the parallel driver for the soda machine re-written. It still uses ioperm() but I decided that might not be such a bad thing...it is a service after all, and services are usually run as root. Tomorrow (today) I'm going to go down to the CS Lab, load in my code, and see how badly I break things when using it on a computer with the Soda machine attatched.

PLC final tomorrow (today)... actually, it's in 15 hours, 20 minutes. Once I'm done with that I'm done with PLC. Then a cakewalk probability final Wednesday at 1pm, and then I'm done academically for 9 and a half days. Though I'll probably be proctoring the CS120 final wednesday night.

Have you ever had the feeling that you're losing touch with someone? I've had an IM window open for 40 minutes now, but haven't typed anything into it, because I don't know what to say. It feels like every day that passes we grow further apart, and I don't like that feeling. I miss when we would talk about anything, everything, and nothing in particular. I miss when we both didn't spend oodles of time on homework. I just wish that I didn't have to think of a reason to talk to you anymore, and that you didn't require one to talk to me. My end is open to random conversation...I just wish yours still was.

For some reason I just realized that I have two and a half weeks of a 6 month requirement met already. Though I don't think that Andy'll let me date after the 6 months is up, anyways :) Maybe his idea is that at the end of the 6 months I will have gone long enough without wanting to date that it'll be ingraned into my personality. And I've not thought of dating anyone for those two and a half weeks, the closest I've come is missing friends, and other people have misconstrued that as missing people I want to date, though as I said there is currently no one I am wanting to date.

Alrigthy, eyelids are getting heavy, guess I ought to sleep.

I think tonight is Nikos' last night...I bet that when he leaves the dishes will still be in the sink.
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