Xyon (xyon) wrote,

Programming Contest Results

So, all day Saturday (left at 6:50am, returned at 1:30am) I was in Valparaiso for the mid-central region ACM Programming Contest. When we solved our first problem we were off the screen on regional (I think 31 were on at the time), and near the bottom on site. In the second hour, though, we pumped out 3 more correct answers, putting us ahead of the other Rose team...1st in site, 6th in region. Then those jerks solved another, and they were ahead of us by 2 minutes. We solved our 5th, 1st in site, 2nd in region. We held those stats for half an hour, and then other teams got in their 5th in lower total time, and some got in their 6th and 7th answers. We needed at least 10 more minutes to get our 6th, but that's what time limits are for...

Had the other team not submitted one problem incorrect 5 times (totalling 100 minutes of penalty points) they likely would have beaten us. Though, had we gotten our 6th correct we would have tacked on at least 140 minutes of penalty points, good enough for 8th place. It is interesting to note that all 7 of our incorrect submissions on that problem came within 10 minutes...the last 10 minutes of the contest.

Final results: My team: 3rd at site, 13th in mid-central US. The other team: 4th at site, 15th in mid-central US. Know what the best news about that was? Their team had to ride in the back seat of the mini-van :).

Want to see where your favourite mid-central team placed? Contest Results

Updated part: Perhaps I should explain the scoring for those who are interested. The first criterion is most problems solved. Of any teams with the same number of problems solved the one with the lowest sum of submission + penalty time is first, and so on. Of any teams that happen to still be tied, the one with the lowest geometric mean ( e^(ln (sub1+penalty1) + ln (sub2+penalty2) + ... + ln( sub3+penalty3)) ) is first, and so on. Of any teams that -still- happen to be tied, the one with prettier code wins. They have never ever had to go to pretty code :).
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