Xyon (xyon) wrote,

For those who care: I am still alive

So I made it home, mild case of road rage, but that's all. I caught every red light in Indianapolis, and then got stuck behind a guy going 40 in a 55 (straight, essentially flat stretch of road) for 3 miles while waiting on the oncoming traffic to clear so I could pass him....I wish all roads were 2+ lanes each direction.

I need a road trip to change my driving personality....when I have a set destination, I drive quickly, and get annoyed when I'm hindered. When I don't have anywhere in particular that I am going and/or (and is best, though) I have a travelling companion...perferably one with whom I like to talk about any random things...then I drive peacefully, and calmly, and things don't really annoy me. In fact, I've found more than once in that situation that if there are no other cars around to allow me to maintain a relative speed, I fall under the speed limit.

And on other topics:
my replies to comments to my journal as of late have been lacking due to time issues. I check my mail using a plain text reader in the morning. It is incapable of replying. After checking the mail there, I immediately go to class. After my first class I have work, where I check mail using a HTML reader...but those messages come in being marked as read, and I never think about scrolling back to get the comment mail to reply to it, and I usually don't check my own journal page....lately the things in it scare me too much.

As for people adding me to their friends list: go right ahead. I may or may not crosslink, just depends on...well, my mood mostly I guess.

My mental health: Counselor says I have marked improvement, but the more I try to think of what is improved the more I doubt it. Sure, I'm sleeping now, but I'm not eating unless I force myself. Sure, I finally said something to someone that I should have a long time ago, but that was hardly the time for it.

Next week I get to take a real personality disorder test...yippee
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