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Time to start on my 3D Maze for graphics. Put it off for a week for sanity's sake, but now it's due in 2 days...

..here's to hoping my stress level stays low, and/or I can know before it goes over the edge.

Katie and her guy are having problems, and now she's thinking that she didn't want to break up with her now ex. It's too bad she won't date me, she'd be a nice distraction from my stressful monotonic life. And as Katie is smarter than I, we could have intelligent discussions, unlike the last couple of exes of mine.

Hell, I'm not picky....
smart, funny, tolerates->appreciates my humor, wants time alone, understands I want time alone, not a raving psychopath.

Heh, speaking of raving psychopaths (tangental) when Katie was climbing the mountain toward wigging out, I told her that if she went over the top she'd have to leave Applebee's guy and date me, because it's 0 or 2 lunatics in a couple....1 just doesn't work out. [Good thing|Too bad] she didn't go over the top.

The pain is back...she said it was a stress headache, which only causes pain in the front region. However, I've been distancing myself from stress all week, and the pain is back....or maybe it's a stress anticipation headache....

...anyways, it's a bloody painful headache, time for Tylenol and 3d mazes.
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