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mmmmmmmmmm, probability. we found the something of the something else, and then used that for something...I think. It was a nice class, swaying back and forth and humming, and a nice insanity cackle.

scheme is the devil

brain is fried

irreparable damage to frontal lobes...at least that's where the pain is

logic hurts, insanity is a nice warm fuzzy blanket that's protecting me from the real world

talked to advisor, he said he won't sign the course drop form if I go get it

punishment for Claude, he gets to watch one of his favourite students go insane...that'll show him

tired, but can't sleep

too much to do, to little time to do it

the hurting, insanity promises she can make it go away

holding on is hard, gonna let go now

don't go anywhere, insanity, I'm coming
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