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5.5 hours sleep + 2 hour talk with Austyn = at least one day of happiness

Course, I'd be 'happier' if I could go take a shower now, and have time to get ready before my next class...but one of my roommates hijacked it because I laid in bed an extra 2 minutes...and I'm the only one with a class before 10am.

So I was wrong...I have gotten 83 lifetime comments, though last night was definately the most in a single one. It was nice to know that there are actually people who still 'care enough' about little 'ole me to bother posting a comment...even though so of you are just reading someone else's friends page, I imagine.

And according to user info....this is my 200th entry, and I've had a LJ account for 1 year, and 2 months...this summer really dropped my average down :)

Anyways, the shower just turned off, time to go get clean

Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
Joy to you and me.
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