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Thought Experiment

So, who of you can see me dropping out?

I've not actually voiced this thought to anyone, so my loyal livejournal readers are the ones who get the first dibs on this random thought of mine.

So, this quarter I've been unhappy here...I get frustrated doing homework when I get stuck on poorly worded questions and/or math that isn't working itself out, and then I need to go off and do something else to aleviate that frustration. By the time I get calmed down, I have more homework to do, and then I have to do a heavy session of work, being frustrated the whole time, leading to more frustration. Once the homework session is done, I get 2-4 hours of sleep, and start the process over again....

PLC is a hard class, but it's supposedly easy compared to Real Analysis, which I have immediately following my pre-crack-of-dawn class next quarter. I'm already getting snappy with friends and such for no reason due to my level of frustration, so what am I going to do when it gets worse? kill someone?

On the other hand, if I drop out, I get to work at McDonald's for a living...or maybe now I can get a networking job somewhere, since I've had experience rebuilding a network after all network managment data was lost. Probably not, though...

And then, there's always my perpetual lack of success with the opposite sex. Hell, I don't care if it's a 'relationship' or not, I just want someone that I can talk with so I can let stuff like this out. If I got along with males better, I might consider thinking 'I need a boyfriend', however, as I for the most part only get along with females, I'll stick with 'I need a girlfriend', even though that isn't working all that well.

Got a fortune cookie last night with no fortune....I think that means it's time for me to die now....

...and that's fine by me.

Stop the world, I want to get off.
If you can't stop it, blast me off into space.
If you can't send me out into space, do me a favour and shoot me in the head.

end of transmission.
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