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So, I've decided that the standard earth day needs to be extended to at least 26 hours...there might be enough time in a day for me then.

'tween two of my jobs I am getting ::checks his current timesheet:: around 27 hours per week in. That's because my third job revolves around a computer that just got shipped off to California to be repaired (the people who sold it to us decided that we're not 'capable' of repairing it ourselves).

I had two tests last Tuesday, and one on this coming Tuesday. 95% on the first one, 83% on the second. Not too bad, really, considering I didn't have enough time to answer a question that was worth 10% of the total grade (answered the two 20%ers, and the entire first part). That test took me from a 99% to an 89%.

Right now I'm (well, up until I checked friends journals and decided to post on my poor, neglected livejournal) working on a checkers program for Computer Graphics, and as soon as I'm done with that I need to work on a large homework assignment for PLC (Programming [Like Claude (the prof)|Language Concepts), my class that uses Scheme, one of the most interesting, but worthless, languages I've ever programmed in.

Grrrr, I hate my fourth roommate. His name is Nikos, he's from Greece. His definition of "doing the dishes" is taking the dirty dishes from the sink, and putting them in the cabinet. Not rinsing them off, not washing them, just putting them in the cabinet. We suspected this until we actually witnessed it. He also likes leaving plates around the apartment, and presumably has hygene problems (the entire apartment has stunk since he arrived, most concentrated in his room). And right now he came in, I was listening to REM, and he switched the audio controller over to the TV to watch a Saturday Night Live rerun without even having the curtosey of asking if I minded, which I most certainly do. We get rid of him as soon as the quarter is over, though, because he'll finally graduate (he's a super-senior). I'm counting down the days (not literally, seeing as I don't even have a clue when the end of the quarter is...probably 6 weeks away, maybe 7)

Anyways, I ought to get back to doing checkers, I decided to do it the hard way, graphics first, gameplay second...I just finished graphics and am about to start on gameplay. I have until 11:59:59 on Monday, so I think I should make it.

Now, if only I had time to go home to get new contacts, as these damned AquaLens contacts burn my eyes, I want my Focuses back.
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