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So, bridge is the new name for "Old Crappy" which is my old desktop that we've been formatting for the past week. As it turns out, we would have been done on the first day had we realized that the computer didn't freeze, only the video did...and since we do not need video on it at all it's highly irrelevant. (Video access is useful during install to make sure that remote access will work.)

So, now it's happy with remote logins on eth0 (first network card) and ip-less firewall bridge on eth1 and eth2.

Whee... here's the fun model

Internet -> School -> ip-less firewall (block unwanted connections here) -> nat translator (can block here, too) -> hub -> all the rest of the computers in the apartment. So, the only way to override policy on bridge is to be on the inside of the NAT. You can't get to the NAT to get on the inside if you are being blocked. Therefore we have a nice layer of insecurity.

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