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Well, I'm back. Actually, I've been back since Wednesday. Last night we finally got one of two computers that we need (want) working in a specific manner. The functioning one is a NAT server, meaning that it is between us and the outside world hiding us. Anything that thinks it knows my IP really knows the IP of a machine over on the other side of this room. The second machine (which we started on first, Wednesday night) is supposed to be an IP-less firewall. That means it sits in front of the NAT server blocking connections we don't want. Since it has no IP it can't be hacked into, which means we're the only ones that can set the rules for it. Nifty, eh? Unfortunately, I've built over 50 (at least) Linux kernels and they all freeze up on it. The stock prebuilt 2.2 and 2.4 kernels both work, so if I knew just what options to have to keep it from freezing up, we'd be set. I'm about to get pissed at it and put windows 2000 on it and have it be a print server. That'd get me a refund...wouldn't need the two network cards I bought for it, it could still use its old one.

Saw Bri Friday....I guess my minor thing for her is over. Not that it would matter either way, though. Her dorm is at the opposite end of campus, and she's a Sophomore Advisor, which means she's expected to be around her hall. That means she probably won't be over in our apartment much...and we probably won't be out of our apartment much.

We get a random fourth roommate, in theory he's moving in today. Fifth year senior...maybe he'll graduate in ten weeks. Not that I don't like him (I've not met him that I'm aware), but we like our space :).

Classes start on Thursday...while I'm glad to be back here, I am a little worried about classes starting back up. I don't feel that my brain is functioning as well as it has been in the past. My memory seems to be failing me, and so do my mathematical abilities. I hope that it was just a mindless job induced brain-lull and that as soon as I start stimulating it again it will wake up.

Well, I'm gonna go eat some breakfast. Have a good day/week/however long it takes before I update again.
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