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At the moment, I'd be willing to trade lives with almost anyone...

I like two people at the moment....the stronger feeling and longest lasting one seems to want to avoid relationshiping with me like the plague. That's fine, though...she's her own person...and if she doesn't reciprocate that's just who she is and how she feels.

The newer one ... where to begin. For one, she lives on the other side of the country as I. For two, she seems to be vehemently opposed to liking anyone that likes her. Maybe it's when the people inform her they like her they just go too far, but from what I have seen, any time that she finds out someone likes her she avoids them all together. Because of that, I'd rather be friends with her in the dark than her know and be avoiding me.

Any time that either of them is talking to me I'm totally happy, but more so with the former than the latter.

In non female-related news, I'm going back to crapDonald's. Put in for a few better places, never got a call back from anywhere. If I didn't need the money, I'd rather be unemployed.

I've got "friends" who I've tried my hardest to contact this summer, and they've not attempted to get back with me at all.

There are plus sides, too, but right now I'm in a down mood...of course, I've been hiding it for a while. Maybe one person noticed, but I don't think she was sure it was minor depressive state or just being tired.
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