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So, I've been home a few days now. Moving out was a pain in the butt...we first had to take the lumber from the loft across campus to throw into storage at our (on campus) apartment complex for next year. Then we had to finish loading things into the cars, and drive home. Somehow during the drive I think that Jay's lamp got broken...it's structurally intact, but won't light anymore...maybe the bulb broke (but it doesn't look it)

Saturday was a lay around the house day...after unloading one of the cars.

Sunday, I played eighteen holes of golf, did worse on the second nine than the first (9 hole course, twice), and then did nothing for the rest of the day. Brandon came down around 1:00 am and we watched The Rock.

Monday was "try rollerblading again day", except it was try rollerblading again while walking the dog day :) First time back on blades since the last time I was hit by a car (been at least two years now), and I chose to let our hundred pound golden take me for a walk. Since Travis was on foot walking the other dog, we had to stop and let them catch up often...but near the end of the walk Mr. Big Dog was running out of energy, and when we got home he must have drank a gallon of water.

Family played Scrabble last night....stupid dad had a twenty point word that fell on a triple word score...he beat me by 18 (hehe, I know more of what is and isn't allowed, since I've watched the computer play some really weird words...)

Hmm, I hate this version of IE....it underlines (and highlights on mouseover) the word Roommate... and then has a tooltip ad.

If I didn't want to work there to make oodles of money, have great employee benifits, and do something I enjoy (program), I'd hate Microsoft.
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