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Last night I'll ever spend in this room...

some fond memories in this room :) things I'll probably have forgotten by the end of the summer.

Roommate accidentally took my Princess Bride DVD, and since he accidentally left his 6 foot tall lamp, I'm holding it hostage.

Room is so strange without a loft, and now that it has only my stuff left, and it's all in boxes or sitting out because I ran out of boxes (just a few things, like my change jar that wouldn't be in a box anyways). Parents will be here in less than 9 hours to pack stuff up, we have to ditch the lumber before then. Unfortunately, I told the guy noonish, and we haven't been able to get ahold of him since (both Kyle and I are leaving before noon, as found out after I said noonish)

Tomorrow I get to go home....then get hired at Flow, and quit McDonalds.

...I better get hired at Flow.
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