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Someone updated today, some two peoples actually. I was thinking I had been blacklisted or something :)

Over the past 48 hours I haven't slept more than nine to twelve of them. If I were to count real sleep and not just lying in bed refusing to admit I was awake...4:45 to 10:45 (6) and then 5:30 to 7:15 (<2, the power went out and came back on...unhappy UPS's and my TV turned on when the power came back on). I've been working on the Scribble program, and we're thankfully almost done. Of all of our features we wanted, the only one that doesn't look like we'll get it in is one server hosting multiple silmotaneous games...it wouldn't be too much harder but we'd need at least an extra day to debug it.

Tomorrow we get to finish up, write a technical and a user manual, and get in all of our beta testing and debugging in less than a day. Our faculty presentation is Tuesday, and our peer presentation is Thursday. The peer one is the one which we need to do a real presentation rather than a product demonstration, so Wednesday will be the magical PowerPoint day.

This is a project I am proud to be associated with, and only wish that we had another week or so to make it perfect.

Tomorrow I also get to present my freewill and determinism paper to my philosophy of science class, that will be a mixture of fun and pain, but it should ensure my A in that class, giving me a solid 4.0/4.0 this quarter. I hope I can pass these damnedable tests I have in the next two weeks.
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