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Oh what fun

So, I got back a test today, and I took a test today...

Return) 92/100

Took) Minimum of 42/100. I bombed it. Sad thing is, it's the course that I'm attending/assisting. I've had a headache for a while now, so I'm not thinking as clearly as I should be...Claude thinks I need more sleep...awfully hard to do when you're working two jobs and working on projects for two classes.

So, Gossman and I were sitting in the CS Lab and Andy came in, and informed us of something new we're doing next quarter. In order to get the people in CS120 to come to us for help and "bond" with each other we're required to have dinner with them for the first part of the quarter, and they're required to have dinner with us, as an assignment. The funny thing is: Gossman and I are both off of the meal plan. That means that we're going to be paid timewise to eat, and the CS department is going to pay for us to eat dinner.

Too bad it looks like they're going to pay for us to eat -here-. If we could have it eating off campus I'm sure we'd like that more :P My plan for next year was to -not- have a meal plan....which is why if I'm not in an on-campus apartment, I'm off-campus.

Oh well.......maybe I didn't do as bad on the test as I'm fairly certain I did. Afterwards I was asked by Claude "where my brain had been" Informing him it was in a bottle of Tylenol was when the other comment came.
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