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Spent all weekend trying to get piping to work for multiple arguments. Today I found out it only needs to pipe between 2 processes. I spent the whole weekend taking it from two to infinite (well, 1000 actually.... :)). Strange thing is, when it runs the second time it crashes. Need to fix that.

Anyways, I just did something new....bought shoes online. I had two good reasons. One, I don't have the time to go into town and shop for shoes. Two, I have this curse where any time I find a pair of shoes I like, the manufacturer discontinues that line, or the store stops carrying it. Once, though, that got me a discount as I told the guy I wanted a new pair of what I had on, and he had a few things similar, but nothing exact. I got the most expensive ones for the price of the cheapest. But anyways, since I hit the confirm button 5 minutes ago a question has been bothering me...

Does buying shoes online make one lazy?
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