Xyon (xyon) wrote,


I'm home again. Yesterday morning I got up several hours before the sun and packed up my car. With the advent of dawn I ate breakfast, then said some goodbyes and drove off to Fort Wayne. (Side note: roommate also got up at same "several hours before dawn" However, he had already packed his car, and so at 6:00am he left for Minnesota) Took me 4 hours to drive the 180-200 miles, but that included needing to change wiper blades, get gas, and air up tires (unfortunately for me none of them happened in the same stop...). I got there 2 minutes late (go me! Drove entirely across the state, found where I was looking for, parked, went inside, and was only 2 minutes late(r than intended)). As it turns out, my reception was eating lunch and had forgotten what time it was. I only had to wait a few minutes before half the reception came to meet me.

Played pool, and chess, and basically just hung out with Brian and Jennifer. Taylor has a really nice student commons, small dorm rooms, and strange (per Rose being normal) dorm visitation. They have just a few hours per week when members of the opposite gender are allowed visitation.

They both had evening class, so I left for here around 6:30...and got back from the (longer) trip after 3.5 hours.

Maybe they'll come visit me sometime now...

Anyhow, I'm home and such. And bored..
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