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Something real now..

Well, besides the fact that Paladins are Lawful Good (second highest scoring area)....

Had a DE II final last night, I bombed the by hands part, and think I aced the computer part. Bombed part A because I couldn't get my eigenvalues to calculate out...stupid german words.

CS 220 final today, I aced it. Well, maybe got some points off on the written parts....but I kicked the computer parts' butt, and the prof said I'll get an A anyways, so it doesn't matter.

Disco II tomorrow, I'm not looking forward to that.

Thursday I'm going up to Ft. Wayne to see Brian and Jennifer. Wow, mentioning that here made me realize that I'm going to go past Muncie to get there...and that is where Nicole is. Thankfully I won't have to go through Muncie, that would probably cause me to have a nervous breakdown.

Had a Philosophy of AI final paper due on Monday, I hate what I wrote. It took me three tries to write it (all of which were 4-5 pages), and finally I just merged the decent parts all together and turned it in. I doubt I'll get an A in there. Maybe in Philosophy of Science I'll actually do the reading.

Upgrading my desktop from Windows 2000 to Windows 2000/Debian Woody Been downloading for three hours and it's 60 percent done (right now it says 1:35:20 to go, but my download rate is so variable who knows when it will finish). Already tried Mandrake 8.2 beta, and 8.1 (stable), neither took too well with this video card. Since I still don't have my GeForce3 (actually, I cancelled the order today, right after they told me it was in stock), I have an old Trident 975 in it...I think that XFree86 didn't like it :). But yeah, I cancelled the order for the 3 today, and placed one for a 4. It's 30 dollars cheaper, but won't be shipped until the third. Maybe I just don't really want a video card :).

Oh well, I think that I'm going to watch Fight Club.

I am Jack's loyal movie watcher
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