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So, I'm sitting here at work. Taking a glance over at my computer at work (work owns it, other people use it, I fix it...it's mine, damnit) I can see that there are at max 8 non-workers in the building right now. I'm bored. Lesse, what have I done lately. Yesterday I went to help out Jay and Alpha Phi Omega (service fraternity, not to be confused with a real fraternity) at Ryvees(sp??) Hall, which is this really neat place for kids to go hang out for free, so in reality it serves the poor kids more. We hauled a lot of computers (old ones) out of the place and boxed them up and put them on a truck so they can be sent to a company that volunteered (I imagine) to make as many of them fully functional as possible. RH is going to set up a computer lab, and any extras will go to kids. (They have criterion, like they get points for playing math blaster and number muncher and stuff...). After that I had work, and ended up watching my advisor's kid for a bit. Just a bit, like 5 minutes. Andy had left something in an athletic department office, and asked me to watch his kid. Well, we're talking a walking/not talking kid, so when Andy ran off to get the keys to the office, the kid started following him. I had to bring him back. Kid didn't really complain, he had a confused look on his face, though :). Then, when Andy came running back through from the building office to the athletic department, the kid saw him and went after him again. Well, between the foyer here and the athletic department here there are some heavy glass doors. The toddler tried to open it by having his hands on the door edge...I got there just in time, shoved my arm in the way (to protect his little fingers from being crushed), and pulled the door open. No toddlers were hurt in the making of this story (and my arm didn't get crushed, either, go me.)

After that I did a lot of nothing, then went to bed. Woke up, did a lot of nothing, went to the store, did a lot of nothing, ate dinner with APO, did a little nothing, then came to work. I'm working on my CS project now, though....can't you tell?

Peace out folk-ies,
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