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The little things...

Well, I just scrolled down through my friends page since I made some minor editing to it, and realize that /xyon/friends looks almost exactly like /erewinweik. So either Brad posts too much (not possible), the rest of my people don't post enough (quite possible), or I don't have enough friends (hmm....). Anyways, I did a comparision, and I had to hit previous twice on his friends page to see my last entry.

So, anyways. I thought Crystal had been ignoring me, turns out she was just too freakin busy to talk. I got an email from her yesterday apologizing for seemingly ignoring me.

So, Wednesday I'm messing with my Linux box...and found out that I corrupted the manuals beyond all repair. So I had to reformat and start all over. Fortunately for me, I've taken an over 72 hour install ::grin:: and made it down into 4 hours, and that's with downloading all the updates as I'm installing on a 10MB LAN card. (Yeah, I know some of you are still on dial-up, so I'm not getting any sympathy with you.)

Yesterday.....sheesh. Sections 1 and 2 of CS120 (intro programming course) haven't had any of their programming projects (found out from the section 3 prof that he was -done- with his, except for what they are working on right now). Well, I'm tired of waiting on the prof to give me a grading plan, so I go ahead and grade -one- of their projects. I got SEVEN AND A HALF FREAKING HOURS on my timesheet because that's more or less how long it took me to grade 22 projects....and these weren't even projects of any real length. I have 4-6 sets left. Oh well, the section 1 grader hasn't touched his yet, and this one will probably be done before he starts, so he'll be worse off than I.

Ah well, about time for me to wander off to give back the project grade reports. Means I'm going to have an angry mob tracking me down. Actually, with a few exceptions, they mostly scored in the 105/110 area. Of course, there was technically unlimited extra credit to it...the highest was 150/110, and lowest 55/110 (didn't finish).

It's my life...it's now or never. Cause I ain't gonna live forever....
so I guess I should do something with it, like go to class :)

*bam* I'm out like the fat kid in a game of dodgeball
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