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Man, I'm bored. But since I gripe at people for not using their journals here, I guess I should write something in mine.

Well, since I got in from break I've been trying to set my old Cyrix (read "crappy") box into a linux box. Mandrake wouldn't install...it was hanging in startup. Tried an older version, and it passed the point that 8.1 was hanging, but it crashed in install. So I went with Debian (potato). As soon as I finally got it totally set up (2-3 days?) Jay and I downloaded FreeBSD and I put that on there. Well, FreeBSD just didn't do it for me....in fact, it rather annoyed me. What kind of OS allows messages to be printed out to the console when no one is logged in, and the messages are supposed to be only for the administrators?

Anyways, I then tried putting my little hard drives (4 gig and 2.5 gig) in my gaming desktop (I had to shut it off :{ ) and install Mandrake. So I got Mandrake (basically full installed) running, and put the drives into the Cyrix again.....HAHAHA failed at the exact same line as it did on install. So I put Debian back on it. Since then (Saturday night) I have installed and configured Apache with SSL, SSH 1 and 2 server, and other nifty little tools.

Right now I'm working on making it a mail server....

Today a mail server....tomorrow, I shall rule the world! Or something like that :P

Oh, and Crystal's ignoring me....good thing I'm more tool than guy, otherwise I'd probably be upset more about her than I was joyed by my success at configuring Linux (hey, if she were around more, I might have more reason to be bothered by it, okay?).

That's it people.....
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