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Mass update

Let's see..what has been going on with me. Crystal doesn't really talk to me anymore, nor does Auss....but I think Crystal talks less than Auss does.

Oh, yeah...that one. Um....I learned how to work crutches. Why? Well, I kinda landed on the side of my foot and hurt it rather badly. I was sitting at work (afterwords) trying to read, and I kept wincing in pain. Someone I work with saw me keeping my foot elevated and wincing, so he figured that ice would help it. He went down to the athletic trainer to get some ice, and the trainer came up since he wasn't doing anything. He looked at it for about 2 seconds, and had me go down for x-rays, because he thought that I had fractured it. Good news is: I didn't. So, he put me on crutches and physical therapy.

Physical therapy was crap..stick my foot in a bucket of ice water (mostly ice) for 15 minutes, and then muscle electroshock therapy. Well, after therapy he said that I could cut down to one crutch, which hurt so much less. Later that evening, I felt that I could walk on it again, and now I still have a slight limp, but I'll get over it soon (making myself).

Brought my old computer up, running Debian (potato) Linux on it...took me about a day to get it installed and configured. As soon as I get network authed, I'll have to get SSH and some other stuff....how fun!

Oh well, professor is rambling now...I guess I should pretend to pay attention. I wish that this class was a challenge.
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